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19 Jul 2016
2015 Events
Tyree attended several events throughout 2015. From the Golden Globes After Party to the generationOn Block Party to the TVLand Awards there was a lot going on, and a whole lot of fun to be had. Tyree loved spending time with his friends at the generationOn Block Party, and they also had a great time at the 'Put Your Money Where The Miracles Are' event hosted by the Children's Miracle Network where he even got to meet Marie Osmond!

Every event where he got to spend time with his Parenthood co-stars made an already great event even better, and the TVLand Awards were definitely a highlight as not only did the cast all attend together, but they won! Tyree got to go up on stage with everyone, getting a moment to say a few words as well. Later in the year, Tyree attended the San Diego International Film Festival alongside his Operation: Neighborhood Watch co-stars where he got to see himself on the big screen! What an incredible experience that was, and images from the various events can be viewed in the gallery.

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05 Jul 2016
Operation: Neighborhood Watch
If you haven't seen Tyree's film Operation: Neighborhood Watch yet, make sure to do so! It is a movie for the whole family staring Denise Richards and the mystery involved will keep you guessing until the end. Tyree plays the role of Mike, one of the neighborhood kids who is obsessed with film making. He is currently trying to do a movie about cats and notices that the ones in the neighborhood are disappearing. He and his friends think James' neighbor is behind it, a modern day Frankenstein. What lengths do the kids go to to solve the mystery? Well the media section only contains a couple of scenes as Tyree is in majority of the film, so make sure to see the movie on DVD or Video on Demand!

Tyree appears in a still released by the production company to help promote the film, and what a great shot it is of the cast together in a scene. While filming this movie Tyree made so many new friends with his co-stars, the crew, and he, Caitlin, Luke, and Jacob were having so much fun each and every day between takes. They would take to their Instagram accounts to share fun photos, and the production crew were also taking some throughout the shoot. When all was said and done, the scenes were all filmed, there was nothing left to do but....have a wrap party! What a great way to conclude this fantastic experience filming the movie, and images from filming to screencaps can now be found in the gallery.

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03 Mar 2016
Criminal Minds
Tyree was in last night's episode of Criminal Minds and hopefully many of you had a chance to tune in! He played Young Derek Morgan as Derek was reunited with his father in a dream/fantasy of sorts while being held captive and tortured. As Derek talked things out with his Dad they revisited some memories around the time his father had been killed and that is where we see Tyree. He was in three scenes as Young Derek was tucked in for the night, and told while reading a bedtime story that his Dad as a police officer was always protected. Unfortunately, it was knowing that that made him feel safe to tell his Dad to stop the police cruiser when he spotted a mugging in process, and he witnessed his Dad get shot, which is how he later died.

Tyree had a pretty awesome time filming his episode. He enjoyed working with the crew, the actors, and it's always fun getting to spend your time off set hanging out in a trailer. Even though he didn't get a chance to work with them directly Tyree also had a chance to meet Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna who each posed for a photo with him which can now be found in the gallery. If you missed the episode you can also find Tyree's scenes in the media section, and hopefully you all enjoy seeing his part in the episode!

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02 Mar 2016
Criminal Minds
Make sure to tune in to an all new episode of Criminal Minds as Tyree will been in the episode! He plays a young Derek Morgan, and you won't want to miss it. Criminal Minds airs at 9/8c on CBS.

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